About Janice Cabs

Janice Music Products started with one Daniel Jones, who through a desire to build a better bass cab stumbled upon a process and design that led to the business we are today. Janice Cabs was officially launched in mid 2010, when friends and other musical acquaintances began taking notice of Dan’s unique, garage-based guitar cab experiments. The vision for a custom guitar cab company however, came much earlier, while he was building custom furniture and home cabinetry for a woodworking shop in his hometown of Valparaiso Indiana. He was apprenticed into carpentry and building at age 15, and he has been pushing the limits of design, quality, and craftsmanship ever since.


Every Janice cab is constructed to meet a high quality, furniture-grade standard. Our signature features include variable spaced dovetailing, tilt-back design, and internal bracing. This combination of support elements allows our cabs to remain durable and structurally sound, even if you are transporting the cab regularly.

All of our cabs are made from a void-free Russian baltic birch plywood matched with a solid birch face. The birch is of the highest quality proving for solid construction and optimum tone. The birch face has a harder, more durable face then the poplar or pine. Our birch sands beautifully, and is conductive to our custom stains, producing a cab that is reminiscent of top-of-the-line furniture.

Our cab layouts and designs were all meticulously developed over the span of a few years. After much work, we finally have a solid product line that we can stand behind. We feel that the cabs we offer are the best available, and will answer any musician’s needs.

We’re craftsman by trade, musicians by choice.  If we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t build it, plain and simple.


The final production step at Janice is finishing. This truly is where the whole cab building process comes together. Each cab that we produce features our very own 9-Step finishing process. Some of the steps in this process include, dye staining, wipe staining, sealing, and fine sanding. On top of all that, we add sprayed on acid cured conversion varnish, that leaves each cabinet with a beautiful furniture grade, satin finish.

We offer a standard base of color options, but we can also color match, or custom configure any finish to meet your specific needs.


It’s imperative for you as the musician to understand that, from our standpoint, the sound of a guitar cab is just as important, if not more important than the way it’s built or looks. Every custom cab we build, features our own internal sound diffuser, which is one of the main reason that we claim such an affinity for the quality of sound in our products. One more important feature to note is, our two-piece back which provides an open, or closed configuration. This gives you the musician more options for shaping your tone.

As we were developing the cabs, we were constantly analyzing the affect the size of an enclosure had on its overall sound and tone. After doing much research on the golden ratio, we began incorporating its properties into our build and design. The result is the uniquely shaped cabs we offer, as well as our logo, which is a tribute to the theory that helped us so much.

Janice proudly carries Eminence, Celestion and Weber brand speakers. These companies offer a wide variety of options for tone character. You as the musician can simply pick the speakers you want and we take care of the rest. All of the speakers we install are hardwired, and tested in house.

If you aren’t sure about the exact tone you’re looking for, just give us a call, and we can help you find the right speakers for you and your amp.


At Janice, we have made it our highest priority to embody excellence in all aspects of our humble operation. Simply put, it is our mission to build the best possible guitar and bass products that are available to musicians today. With that being said, the products that we build for you will look AND sound exactly how you want it to. As we said before, we want to offer the musician peace of mind, knowing that day in, day out their set-up will sound consistently great.