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We are back

We are pleased to announce the new shop is up and running! We are now taking orders for the first run in the new space and we are making some much needed changes

We build speaker cabinets because it is a passion, and we love doing it.

Some of you may not know that guitar cabs is not the main thing we do here in the wood shop. Building custom kitchens and cabinetry is 90% of the work we do and because of this, it has been hard to manage orders as they come in one by one and fit them into a timely schedule. We have decided to change the way we take/ process orders so we can be more efficient and better organized . We have cleared the schedule to do a run of cabs in July. We will only be taking 10 orders for this run and orders need to be placed before June 30th. All orders will be shipped out by July 31.

Thank you!

Feel free to email us with any questions at

The start to new beginning

we are sad to say we will not be taking orders for a couple of months.

the future is bright though. we have a few new machines, and a new building we will be moving into! while we wait for a few more things to happen to our new space i will be finishing up all our current orders in the old shop. once that is all done we will have our work cut out for us to get our new space and tools setup and dialed in. keep an eye on our Instagram to see that take shape.

“Tone Profiles” episode 1 is live..

2015 will be a year of great change at Janice. We plan to become even more progressive and interactive than ever before. One of the ways we plan to do so is a series of videos we like to call “Tone Profiles”, featuring members of our roster and the cabs we’ve built them. The first of this series features our good friend Jeremy Galindo from This Will Destroy You, and it is now available.

Say Anything

Say Anything is one of the most prolific pop-rock acts of today, having released seven full-length albums since 2001. The band has always displayed a strong grip on pop structure, with catchy hooks and punchy guitar tones. Say Anything’s melodic sense is not easily rivaled, as demonstrated by the success of its many singles and the influential status the band has.

In 2014 Say Anything played a festival with Janice roster band Brand New, and became curious about the band’s new backline. The band soon got in touch with us about building them a cab for its winter tour. We built a 4×12 guitar cab loaded with Eminence Swamp Thangs and Eminence Deltas.


Real Friends

Real Friends hit the ground running, and their continued hard work, extensive tour schedule and warmth with their fan base should be inspirational to any pop-punk band. As their fan base grows, the band reaches out to everyone who takes the time to listen to their music. Their latest album, “Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing”, brings a lot of elements to the table, showing that they draw influence from the early 90s Midwestern sounds of American Football and Braid as well as pop-punk titans like New Found Glory.

The band was seeking a cohesive backline that would sound consistent night in, night out. With a band like Real Friends who tour constantly and play a lot of different rooms, we like to build cabs with speaker loads that are easily adaptable. The answer was simple, three 4×12 cabinets with responsive speakers. In the guitar cabinets, we loaded Eminence Legend V128s and GB128s. For bass, we used the classic Eminence Beta 12s. Real Friends have a lush live sound which delivers the same energy and power as their live presence.



The 90s were a great era for rock music, and the key albums from this era continue to be influential on music today. Live’s “Throwing Copper” is a shining example of this. Having sold over 20 million records worldwide since the mid-90s, Live has established itself as one of rock-music’s modern day strongholds. In 2014, Live reemerged with their newest offering, “The Turn”, which features pop-sensibility with a guitar-driven push reminiscent to their early days.

Live approached us about building a new backline, just to see if it could be done. Know for their towering backdrop of amplifiers, the band wanted to emulate the stage presence of full-stacks with a line of our 6x12s. When all was said and done, we built six 6x12s, three for guitar and three for bass, as well as a couple of 2x12s. This eight cab backbone was our biggest build to date and quite challenging. The guitar cabs feature a unique split within the enclosure, which separates the one cab into a 4×12 and 2×12 stack. The top 4×12 is used for a dry signal, while the bottom 2×12 is utilized during the wet, effects driven playing. The cabs are loaded with Eminence Wizards and Deltas.

(live photo credit: Andrew Patterson)


Randy Strohmeyer of Finch

In 2002 Finch blindsided the music industry with their loud debut, “What It Is To Burn”. After a couple of major record label stints, some Billboard chartings, hiatuses and breakups, basically all the makings of a great episode of “Behind the Music”, Finch ushered in a new era in 2014 with “Back to Oblivion”. While a lot has changed, the raw energy and power that is Finch is still very present. “Back to Oblivion” captures a new, vital band, fresh off an international tour with a lot to say. The sound is a great blend of gritty live tone and studio refinement, delivering a perfect representation of the band’s live show. Coupled with an intense live show, Finch has reinvented itself and given die-hard fans something to be proud of.

At the center of the hurricane is Randy Strohmeyer, who’s unforgettable stage presence and precise playing makes him one of modern rock’s guitar heroes. When it came time to build a new guitar rig, Randy was looking for a rounded-out, low voice that would respond well to a variety of amplifiers and effects. We recommended a stack of 2x12s, both loaded with Eminence Governors. The combination ended up being just what the doctor ordered, and Finch’s live show is even truer to the complex guitar tones they unleash on their studio recordings.


Brand New

What can be said about Brand New that hasn’t already been said? Since 2000, the band has done virtually everything musicians dream of. They’ve released four critically acclaimed albums, with “Deja Entendu” achieving US gold certification. They’ve toured the world many times over and 15 years later they continue to pack venues. They have one of the most dedicated, diehard fan bases of any band in the world, and it is all thanks to one thing: these gents are great songwriters.

Simply put, Brand New know their way around a rock song. From their power pop driven debut “Your Favorite Weapon” to the critically acclaimed epic “Daisy”, the band has explored a wide range of sounds and tones over the years. We began talking to Jesse Lacey on a whim. We were simply fans reaching out to a band we liked, and he was in the midst a complete overhaul on his guitar set-up. What transpired is a relationship that dreams are made of, something we are extremely proud of here at Janice.

After much conversation, we designed a two cab stack for Jesse, two 2×12 cabs with different speaker loads for different voices. One cab is loaded with an Eminence Governor and an Eminence Delta, while the other has Weber FC-12s. In a couple of weeks we built the cabs, loaded them into the back of a car and drove to Long Island where we had the pleasure of walking in the shoes of Brand New. We met Vincent, Brian and Garrett, their guitar tech Joe, as well as their long time producer and friend Mike Sapone. We had some meals, explored their favorite beach spots and occupied their home studio and practice space. It was during this meeting that we hashed out rigs for Vincent and Garrett. For Vincent we built a 2×15 guitar cab loaded with Eminence Legend 15s along with a 2×12 loaded with Eminence Legend EM-12s. For Garrett, we recommended our road-tested and proven bass 6×12 loaded with Eminence Beta 12s.


Jeremy Galindo of This Will Destroy You

Not many bands have found a balance of power and tone like This Will Destroy You. With their epic crescendos, heavy hitting measures and unforgettable leads, the Texas quartet have found the ultimate recipe for setting a mood. At the center of this culmination is Jeremy Galindo, who has a sixth sense for melodies that bring the stories to life.

When we sat down with Jeremy to plan out his cab setup, he said he would like to emulate the tone he used on the band’s live album, “Live in Reykjavik Iceland”. He really liked using a cabinet with 15″ speakers in it because he felt it added a new low-end definition to his playing. With this in mind, we proposed a two cab stack blending 12″ and 15″ speakers, for a great balance of highs and lows. In the end, we built Jeremy a 2×12 using Eminence Deltas and a 1×15 using a Delta 15.


Welcome to the New

Welcome to the new phase of Janice Music Products: our updated website. We first of all would like to thank all of you for your patience while we built this site. We wanted to provide our customers with the ultimate shopping experience, and took time to develop programs that would do our products justice. Please familiarize yourself with our newest features, most importantly: the Virtual Cab-Builder. This function allows you to see what your cab will look like before you order it, with a database loaded with every combination we offer.

Very soon there will be a layaway option built right into the website. while we wait for that to get finished, we can still set it up for you! We offer 3 month, 6 month and 9 month plans. the payments automatically get taken out of your account every month. all you need to get started is a 30% deposit. please contact Kathryn Jones ( to get started.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new website. Please feel free to contact us with feedback and questions. As always, we truly appreciate all your support and look forward to working into the future with all of you.