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Cloakroom began in the summer of 2012. After signing with Run For Cover Records, the band released its debut EP, titled “∞”. This year the band entered the studio with Matt Talbott (Hum) to record its debut album, which is due for release early next year. The band also toured the west coast with Basement, and is about to embark on an east coast tour with Whirr this September. Cloakroom will round the year out with the release of a new single, and a UK/Euro tour with Basement in late October.

Cloakroom currently uses two Janice cabs, a guitar 4×12 and a bass 4×12+6. The band uses a variety of different amplifiers through their loudspeakers, most frequently a Earth Sound Research g-1000 guitar head and an Acoustic 370 bass head.

To learn more about Cloakroom, as well as find their music and tour dates, check here.


Customer of the Month: Chris Carter

We here at Janice would like to take this opportunity to introduce our “Customer of the Month” feature. Every month we will introduce you to one of our existing customers and give them the floor to speak about their live set up and how they like it. For our first installation, we’d like to introduce our friend Chris Carter from Columbus, OH.

Chris Carter
Columbus, OH

Band: Indigo Wild

Bass: Fender Deluxe Active Jazz bass
Head: Eden World Tour 800
Cab: Janice 4×12-6

Chris says: “I’m really digging the sound of these Eminence speakers. They let the whole spectrum of tones speak. The lows are boomy and the highs are crisp and there’s nothing sacrificed in between. Plus it’s great to finally have a cab that can handle all the power that my Eden head delivers!

I play in a 4 piece indie band out of Columbus, Ohio called Indigo Wild and have been gigging with the cab for a little over a month now. Aside from the phenomenal sound, I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on the cab’s beautiful finish. It’s definitely above and beyond what I was hoping for.”

chris carter