Brand New

What can be said about Brand New that hasn’t already been said? Since 2000, the band has done virtually everything musicians dream of. They’ve released four critically acclaimed albums, with “Deja Entendu” achieving US gold certification. They’ve toured the world many times over and 15 years later they continue to pack venues. They have one of the most dedicated, diehard fan bases of any band in the world, and it is all thanks to one thing: these gents are great songwriters.

Simply put, Brand New know their way around a rock song. From their power pop driven debut “Your Favorite Weapon” to the critically acclaimed epic “Daisy”, the band has explored a wide range of sounds and tones over the years. We began talking to Jesse Lacey on a whim. We were simply fans reaching out to a band we liked, and he was in the midst a complete overhaul on his guitar set-up. What transpired is a relationship that dreams are made of, something we are extremely proud of here at Janice.

After much conversation, we designed a two cab stack for Jesse, two 2×12 cabs with different speaker loads for different voices. One cab is loaded with an Eminence Governor and an Eminence Delta, while the other has Weber FC-12s. In a couple of weeks we built the cabs, loaded them into the back of a car and drove to Long Island where we had the pleasure of walking in the shoes of Brand New. We met Vincent, Brian and Garrett, their guitar tech Joe, as well as their long time producer and friend Mike Sapone. We had some meals, explored their favorite beach spots and occupied their home studio and practice space. It was during this meeting that we hashed out rigs for Vincent and Garrett. For Vincent we built a 2×15 guitar cab loaded with Eminence Legend 15s along with a 2×12 loaded with Eminence Legend EM-12s. For Garrett, we recommended our road-tested and proven bass 6×12 loaded with Eminence Beta 12s.


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