Cloakroom began in the summer of 2012. After signing with Run For Cover Records, the band released its debut EP, titled “∞”. This year the band entered the studio with Matt Talbott (Hum) to record its debut album, which is due for release early next year. The band also toured the west coast with Basement, and is about to embark on an east coast tour with Whirr this September. Cloakroom will round the year out with the release of a new single, and a UK/Euro tour with Basement in late October.

Cloakroom currently uses two Janice cabs, a guitar 4×12 and a bass 4×12+6. The band uses a variety of different amplifiers through their loudspeakers, most frequently a Earth Sound Research g-1000 guitar head and an Acoustic 370 bass head.

To learn more about Cloakroom, as well as find their music and tour dates, check here.


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