Do I have to pay for the cab up front?

No, very soon there will be a layaway option built right into the website. while we wait for that to get finished, we can still set it up for you! there is a 3 month, 6 month and 9 month plans. the payments automatically get taken out of your account every month. all you need to get started is a 30% deposit. please contact Kathryn Jones (kat@janicecabs.com) to get started.

What happened to the apple-core ply you used to offer?

After researching the material market, we decided to discontinue our regular use of apple-core ply due to its inconsistent pricing and availability. We instead have decided to use a universal, higher grade Russian baltic birch, which will meet the quality standards we have as well as be more cost effective. If you would still like the high quality, apple-core ply for your cab, please write us directly.

Can you wire my cab to be (2, 4, 16) ohms?

Most cabs can be wired to the desired ohm rating, just make a note in your purchase. We wire all of our cabs to the medium 8 ohms (unless otherwise specified) because it is compatible with most amplifiers and safe for the overall set-up. The exception would be our 6×12 cabs, which are wired to 4 ohms. We recommend NOT overworking your amplifier and using the minimum load. Minimum loads sometimes result in unwanted clipping and reduce lifespan of components in the amplifier.

How do I become part of the Janice roster and qualify for discounts?

Our artist discount program works on an artist to artist basis. If you are an active, touring musician please feel free to get in touch with our Artist Relations Representative at: dan@janicecabs.com

How do I calculate the wattage of my cab?

Since the choice of speaker is up to the customer, we are unable to provide universal specs for wattage handling on our cabs. But the calculation method is simple and as follows:

To calculate the handling of your cab, take the wattage of the lowest rated speaker in your cab and multiply it by the number of speakers in the cab. For example:

Take a 4×12 guitar cab loaded with Eminence Governors and Eminence Delta 12As. The Eminence Governor is rated at 75 watts RMS. The Eminence Delta 12A is rated at 400 watts RMS. In this equation, you’ll use the lowest rated speaker, which is the Governor at 75 watts. Multiple this by 4 speakers total and you get a handling of 300 watts.

Due to sound pressure in the cab, it is safe to always deduct another 15% of that total wattage to provide safe margins. So a guaranteed safe operation for that cab would be around 255 watts.

The most common cause for blown speakers is the amp not functioning properly, not because of mismatched wattages.

What speaker do I choose for my cab?

We understand that this process can be overwhelming due to our huge selection of speakers. Keep in mind though, choosing speakers is worth taking the time and research to ensure the optimum tone desired. We recommend sitting down and studying the tone you’re looking for. Keep the amplifier you use in mind, as well as the overall tone you’re trying to achieve. One quick way to narrow a selection would be finding an artist with a desirable tone and figuring out what speaker they’re running (check out our artist roster page).

-Look at the frequency response graphs if provided, this will give you an overall feel for where the spikes and frequency curve are.
-Look at sensitivity ratings, higher sensitivity means a much louder speaker, versus a lower sensitivity being quieter (keep in mind the difference 2 db makes, if you wish your amp was twice the wattage, you’d be surprised in what a couple extra decibels will do for you)

If you have further questions, please feel free to email us with your current amplifier, your current speaker load, what you like about them and what you don’t like about them.

Can I order a custom cab to my exact specifications? Will you build a cab that you don’t offer on your website?

Since this company was founded on the property of building custom cabs and dimensions, we will always offer the option of building new configurations, just get in touch with us directly. Keep in mind though, the time and money it takes to develop new cabs and designs can be daunting. We usually will point you in the direction of a cab we already offer, since these specifications are already tested and proven.

Can I get a custom stain/color for my cab or grill? 
For a small additional fee we can match any stain or grill color, the possibilities are virtually endless. Get in touch with us for a quote: sales@janicecabs.com