Jeremy Galindo of This Will Destroy You

Not many bands have found a balance of power and tone like This Will Destroy You. With their epic crescendos, heavy hitting measures and unforgettable leads, the Texas quartet have found the ultimate recipe for setting a mood. At the center of this culmination is Jeremy Galindo, who has a sixth sense for melodies that bring the stories to life.

When we sat down with Jeremy to plan out his cab setup, he said he would like to emulate the tone he used on the band’s live album, “Live in Reykjavik Iceland”. He really liked using a cabinet with 15″ speakers in it because he felt it added a new low-end definition to his playing. With this in mind, we proposed a two cab stack blending 12″ and 15″ speakers, for a great balance of highs and lows. In the end, we built Jeremy a 2×12 using Eminence Deltas and a 1×15 using a Delta 15.


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