2×12+6 Bass Cab


The Janice 2×12+6 bass cab was designed for players who feel less is more. This scaled down version of our flagship 4×12+6 bass cab contains the same signature features, such as staggered speaker layout, hi-pass filter and 6” driver, but in a smaller package. But don’t let this cab’s smaller size deceive you. The ported and sealed design delivers a wealth of low-end while achieving a good amount of clarity.



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We understand that not every player is trying to blow the house down, that some players just want to have the upper hand on their tone at a comfortable volume. With those players in mind, we created the Janice 2×12+6. This cab is a scaled down version of our flagship cab, the 4×12+6. But, don’t let it’s small stature fool you, this cab still produces some staggering volume and tones.


Like its older brother, the 4×12+6, this cab is carefully designed to provide its player with a full-range of frequencies. Think of this as three cabs in one, with each section performing its own task. Starting with the bottom section, which is a ported, loaded with a  low-frequency driver that delivers extended low-end. The top section is a sealed hi-fi 12″ that delivers punch and mid-range. The cherry on top is a 6″ driver that acts as a more usable tweeter, providing clarity to counterbalance the low-tones. This cab is also the most uniquely sized on our product line, featuring a tilt-back design but slender figure. This cab has its own size of roll bar and castors, making it still easy to move and aesthetically symmetrical.


The cab is constructed of Russian baltic birch with a solid birch face. Our custom stains and finishes, along with our attention to detail makes this cab the ultimate showroom piece. Take the 2×12+6 into a studio setting and be surprised by the range of voices it will produce. And then, at the gig later that night, the player will be surprised at the consistency of tone. This cab handles anything you throw at it with ease, taking away the headache of dialing in your tone and allowing you to concentrate on nailing your parts.

Height 36.5”
Width 22.5”
Depth 14.75”
Weight 76 lbs
Wattage 700 watts (RMS)
Ohms 8 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
Input Jacks 1 ¼  & 1 speakon jack, wired in parallel
Style tilt back


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