2×15 Bass Cab


The Janice 2×15 bass cab was originally created for our friend Alex Bleeker (Real Estate). Laid out in a similar fashion as our 4×12 cabs, this configuration provides a thick, warm tone. This cab can easily be pegged as a tribute to the 60s/70s analog rock movement, where mids and lows were king and bass presence was undeniable.



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When we set out to build our first 2×15 bass cab, we decided to thumb through our arsenal before building from scratch. We quickly found that the enclosure we use for our 4×12 cabs would be conductive to a 2×15 configuration, and hence the tilt-back monster we have today was born.


With all of our 15″ designs, this cab is truly a nod to cabs of the past. The 2×15 walks the line of thickness and clarity, providing a full-body the contains all the presence a bass player is known for. Think of an old Grand Funk recording, where the bass comes thundering out of the door with grit and character, but still displays any intricacies fed through it.


This cab is constructed of high-grade Russian baltic birch plywood with a solid birch face. It features a tilt-back design with durable roll bar and full sized castors for reliability and easy transport. The cab is a product of our experimentation with the golden-ratio, complete with exact measurements that allow for the maximum equation of size and sound. Inside the cab you’ll find an intricate sound “filtration system” designed to move the most amount of air possible. Our custom porting and detail to pressure will leave the stage rumbling beneath you.

height 39.5”
width 28.5”
depth 14.75”
weight 98 lbs
wattage 700 watts (RMS)
ohms 4 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 1 ¼  & 1 speakon jack, wired in parallel
style tilt back


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