4×12+6 Bass Cab


The 412+6 cab is the flagship bass cab in the line for Janice Cabs, and what we believe is our best offering. This is simply a cab you cannot buy somewhere else. The 412 is another hybrid in the line that offers the extended low end and a smooth top end via the 6 inch driver. Rest assured that this cab covers all of the bases. The versatility of this cab is sure to bring any head to life.



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We here at Janice wanted bass players to have a new voice, something that captures every bit of intricacy and thought put into basslines. We understand that low-presence is crucial, but there needs to be a bit more clarity in the field, something to show off those high-notes and walks up and down the scales. Enter: the Janice 4×12+6 bass cab.


This is not your ordinary bass cab, we feel like it’s truly the most innovative thing we’ve created. Please do not make the mistake of assuming this is just another Janice 4×12 with an added 6″ driver, it is a completely different feel that was carefully developed and tested over a long period of time. Think of this as three bass cabs in one, with each section serving a very important purpose. We start at the bottom section of the cab, which is ported, loaded with two low-frequency drivers to deliver extended low-end. The top two 12″s are completely sealed, leading to an incredible punch and mid-range presence. To top it all off, we add a 6″ driver, acting as a more-usuable tweeter that gives you the perfect amount of counterbalanced clarity. The result is a super lush sounding bass cab, fully capable of holding down the floor with that bassy feeling and opening up the top, allowing the mid and high range to breathe.


This cab features a tilt back design, and is constructed of Russian baltic birch with a  birch face. It comes with an industrial sized roll bar and castors for easy mobility. This cab features an extremely intricate interior design, with porting, sealing and sound filtration. The Janice 4×12+6 allows every bit of your amplifier to speak, and will truly showcase your playing the way you always dreamed.

height 44.5”
width 28.5”
depth 14.75”
weight 127 lbs
wattage 1400 watts (RMS)
ohms 8 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 1 ¼  & 1 speakon jack, wired in parallel
style tilt back


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