6×10 Bass Cab


The Janice 6×10 bass cab was originally designed for Adam Vass (La Dispute). This cab is a play on the existing industry standards, only with our signature staggered layout for more clarity and presence for the player. The 10”s provide a quick and snappy response, filled with low, mids and highs.


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The 6×10 bass cab originally started as an oversight and a shot in the dark. Our original website contained all standard cab dimensions, even if we had never built them. The 6×10 fell under that category. When our good friend Adam Vass contacted us about building him a 6×10 bass cab, we realized we had to quickly start from scratch. But, unlike most processes, we hit a hole-in-one with our design, and the result was a lush sounding 6×10.


The staggered speaker seating is what really sets the Janice 6×10 apart from its market look-alikes. Not only does it sit taller than other 6x10s, its spread out sound dispersion really allows bass amplifiers to speak freely, with all notes and intricacies falling into there right place instead of competing for the same piece of real estate. Suddenly the 10″s take a whole new life, where the shackles of compression are freed, and previously dormant frequencies come to life.


Like all of our cabs, the 6×10 is constructed of Russian baltic birch with a solid birch face. This cab features our tilt-back design, fully equipped with a industrial sized roll bar and castors for maximum mobility and ease. Our custom stains and finishes sit perfectly over the dovetailed body, presenting the player with a furniture grade speaker enclosure. But, not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is also aurally pleasing. Our interior cab design leaves no sound waves on the cutting room floor. Prepare to hear a 10″ housing bass cab like you’ve never heard before.

height 44.5”
width 25”
depth 14.75”
weight 132 lbs
wattage 1350 watts (RMS)
ohms 4 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 1 ¼  & 1 speakon jack, wired in parallel
style tilt back


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