6×12 Bass Cab


Our 612 cab, by most standards, is more than anyone will likely ever need. However, its wall of sound is undeniable. Our 612 is our take on the typical 810 that most players opt for, giving you an attack that thumps you in the chest . The tilt back design creates ease of transport without having to worry about breaking your back.


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One word: mammoth. The Janice 6×12 bass cab is a true wonder. Its sheer size and volume will shake any player or listener and the very room they stand in. We’ve long felt that the existing 8x10s on the market were the standard in bass amplification, so when we set out to create our king cab we had those in the crosshairs.


Originally designed to replace a bass rig that consisted of 2 separate enclosures, we knew the 6×12 had to cover a huge distance. Its height and staggered speaker seating allow it to cover such a distance, making its presence heard for miles. Like a gas, the 6×12’s sound will fill any space that houses it.


Our biggest tilt-back cab, the 6×12 comes equipped for battle with a full size roll bar and industrial sized castors. While it may look like a refrigerator, these components make for easy travel and mobility. Our interior system of porting and sound filtration leave for gigantic, lush tones capable of shattering the earth beneath it. The cab is constructed of Russian baltic birch with a solid birch face. The quality of wood is complimented with our custom stains and finishes, giving the player a showroom piece.


We feel as though we’ve created an end-all, be-all cab with our 6×12. The wide range of tones it produces makes it the ultimate, road-ready bass cab. It will quickly adapt to any amplifier or room, night after night. If you’re looking for undeniable bass presence, look no further. The mammoth Janice 6×12 will leave on-lookers marveling at your tone and power.

height 53.5”
width 28.5”
depth 14.75”
weight 127 lbs
wattage 1350 watts (RMS)
ohms 4 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 1 ¼  & 1 speakon jack, wired in parallel
style tilt back


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