2×12 Guitar Cab


Our 212 cab is the smallest cab in line, but don’t its size and looks fool you. It can easily fill out a medium to large sized room while maintaining its clarity and warmth. Regardless of application, this cab is suited to serve your tonal needs. The back is removable and speaker selection is up to you, so you can achieve the sound you desire.


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Like it’s 1×15 counterpart, the 2×12 guitar cab is how we start from ground up, creating a completely self-sufficient box that moves sound waves naturally at the highest rate possible. While small in stature, this cab will easily fill any environment it is played in with lush tone. The 2×12 is a show room cab made for all terrain, fully ready to handle any speaker load you throw at it. Think of this as a trophy case for your speakers, it will show their voice in all their glory.


This cab is constructed of high-grade Russian baltic birch plywood, with a solid birch face. It comes equipped with top-fastened leather handles which make for easy transport. The cab also features a removable back for both closed and open-back setups. Look no further for your signature tone, the Janice 2×12 is made to assist any player into the tone kingdom.



height 25.5”
width 28.5”
depth 12”
weight 46 lbs unloaded (please add the weight of the speaker you choose)
wattage please read how to calculate your watage
ohms 8 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 2 ¼ jacks wired in parallel
style non tilt back


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