4×10 Guitar Cab


The Janice 4×10 guitar cab offers players who look for quick and responsive dynamics an ideal option. The 10” speakers are more pronounced in high-frequencies, lending themselves to chimier sounds. This cab will fill any room with tight, punchy tones.


1st set of speakers

Select your first pair of speakers (2) 10″ speakers

2nd set of speakers

Select your second pair of speakers (2) 10″ speakers

case options

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The development of the 2×15 guitar cab truly opened the door for new cab development here at Janice. Suddenly we had an enclosure fully capable of bridging the gap between our two styles of cabs. We decided to push the envelop with packing full sized configurations into smaller cabs, and hence the idea for the Janice 4×10 was built.


We fully admit our bias to 12″ speakers, but at the same time we recognize the desirable qualities of the 10″. This cab provides quick and snappy tones that respond directly to a players style. The high-frequencies the cab encompasses makes it good for players with a style fluent in clarity. The Janice 4×10 allows the speakers to display their whole voice, all the way from dark and muddy to bright and shimmering.


This cab is constructed of Russian baltic birch plywood with a solid birch face. Like our 2×15, the cab sits a bit taller than its 2×12 and 1×15 brothers, but comes equipped with the same top-fastened leather handles for easily transport. The cab also features a partially removable back for both closed and open-back options.

height 36.5”
width 28.5”
depth 12”
weight 48 lbs unloaded (please add the weight of the speaker you choose)
wattage please read how to calculate your watage
ohms 8 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 2 ¼ jacks wired in parallel
style non tilt back


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