4×12 Guitar Cab


The vertical layout of our 412 cab creates a more spacious and wider dispersion of sound that stands closer to ear level. Though it is larger than most 412 cabs, its tilt back design lends itself for ease of transport. The back is removable and the speaker selection is up to you, so you can achieve your sound.



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Rock musicians will forever love their huge cabs and huge sound. This is our answer to the 4×12 dominant market, a cab that has all the classic properties of heavy guitar tone with the same manageability and range of character we put into all of our cabs. Please don’t get us wrong, this cab is for all types of players, but the one thing it has in common is its sheer power and presence. This cab produces gigantic tones.


This cab features our tilt-back enclosure and staggered speaker layout, which makes it sit taller than most 4×12 guitar cabs. The result is an overwhelming presence to its player, as well a wider dispersion of sound. Like its 2×12 brother, it is designed to handle any speaker load.


The Janice 4×12 is constructed with Russian baltic birch plywood and a solid birch face. The cab comes with an industrial sized roll-bar and full-size castors for optimum mobility. All of these elements, combined with our custom stains and attention to detail amount to a furniture-grade speaker enclosure. Inside, players will find an intricate system of sound filtration that produce a maximum amount of pressure and push, preventing wayward sound waves from diminishing tone. We here at Janice feel that no air should be wasted, and we do everything we can to make sure our cabs utilize every bit of voice that your amplifier sends through.

height 39.5”
width 28.5”
depth 14.75”
weight 74 lbs unloaded (please add the weight of the speaker you choose)
wattage please read how to calculate your watage
ohms 8 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 2 ¼ jacks wired in parallel
style tilt back


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