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After seeing the success of our 6×12 bass cab, we decided to build a counterpart for our guitar players. This cab is for any guitar player with an appetite for crushing presence. This wall of sound lets any speakers sing its true voice, while allowing the player to dial in his choice color, from true grit to sparkling clarity.


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We have a confession to make: we did our guitar players a huge injustice. We created a mammoth bass cab, leaving guitar players everywhere at a slight disadvantage. So we decided to level the playing field, introducing the Janice 6×12 guitar cab. Like it’s bass counterpart, players will enjoy all of the power and tone in a neat, easy to move enclosure.

The 6×12 will produce stadium-like tones, encompassing the full spectrum of any speaker loaded in it, or amplifier played through it. Forget about the back breaking full stacks, the 6×12 will allow you to have the same presence in one shot.

The guitar 6×12, like the bass 6×12 is our largest tilt-back cab. It comes equipped with a full-sized roll bar and industrial sized castors for easily mobility. Don’t be fooled by its size: this cab is actually easy to move. Trust us, we’ve spent too many years lugging huge cabs up and down stairs to leave our customers with another back-breaker. The cab is constructed of Russian baltic birch with a solid birch face, which is coated with our custom stains and finishes, giving the player a beautiful, furniture-grade enclosure.

Be prepared to shake the floor beneath you, the 6×12 is for tone-worshippers everywhere. We feel as though the Janice 6×12 is the ultimate display of power, providing a versatile voice and manageable tone selection.

height 53.5”
width 28.5”
depth 14.75”
weight ? lbs unloaded (please add the weight of the speaker you choose)
wattage please read how to calculate your watage
ohms 4 ohms (if you need a different rating please add it to the notes ?)
input jacks 2 ¼ jacks wired in parallel
style tilt back

1 review for 6×12 Guitar Cab

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Well, let me start by saying that I’ve been wanting this cab for a long while, hitting them up constantly and being annoying. Without a doubt the most solid people, helping me out all the time and being friendly.
    I randomly walked into a shop around town and found the 6×12 for sale and bought it… Immediately.
    They aren’t kidding when they say mammoth. It is heavy as hell and takes two stocky people to carry. The wheels and handle hold up very well. It’s like it’s own built in dolly.

    Since it was used I don’t like the speaker choice the previous owner put in there as much as I’d have liked the v30s and Swamp Thangs I was dreaming for. But the craftsmenship, quality, everything about it is grade A, top notch gear. Will be with me for a lifetime and if I ever get more money I’ll invest in a 2×12 for practicing.

    Great job.

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