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Our pedal boards are back, this time with an all new port section set-up for “D-type” connectors. Built out of the same furniture-grade Russian baltic birch as our speaker cabinets, these boards are sure to streamline your pedal-chain and make effects work easier than ever before.


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With all of our employees being active musicians, we all know the hardships faced in live settings. One of the biggest reoccurring problems we found was a messy pedal chain. One late night in the shop, we were talking about our homemade pedal boards and ways to improve them. After coming up with a short list of features that we felt would enhance live accessibility and eliminate the risk of shorts and unplugging, we threw together a prototype.

We tinkered with the prototype, trying to streamline everything as much as possible and put our initial design into production. In the summer of 2014 we made this initial run available to the public, and many of you brought our pedal boards home. But, like any product, there was room for improvement.

After Summer NAMM, we took our design back to the drawing board and looked for ways to further streamline our build. Through experimentation with many different products, we finally have arrived at what we feel is the ultimate pedal board experience, the Janice pedal board 2.0 if you will.

The top platform of the pedal board features the same large routes as the earlier version, designed to help conceal patch and power cables and to avoid shorts. But, the new board now offers an improved port section set up for “D-type” connectors. While we will be offering the option of adding our new locking 1/4 inch solderless jacks and locking power connectors, the ports will be set up to house anything from USB to ethernet connectors.

mounting area for pedals: 16″wide x 14″deep
number of ports: 6

locking power conector wired - Copy  xl&med jacks - Copy

The medium and extra-large versions of the pedal boards will feature three ports on each side of the board, while the small and large will contain two ports. The boards are built out of the same furniture-grade Russian baltic birch as our speaker cabinets, as well as feature the same selection of custom stains.