Randy Strohmeyer of Finch

In 2002 Finch blindsided the music industry with their loud debut, “What It Is To Burn”. After a couple of major record label stints, some Billboard chartings, hiatuses and breakups, basically all the makings of a great episode of “Behind the Music”, Finch ushered in a new era in 2014 with “Back to Oblivion”. While a lot has changed, the raw energy and power that is Finch is still very present. “Back to Oblivion” captures a new, vital band, fresh off an international tour with a lot to say. The sound is a great blend of gritty live tone and studio refinement, delivering a perfect representation of the band’s live show. Coupled with an intense live show, Finch has reinvented itself and given die-hard fans something to be proud of.

At the center of the hurricane is Randy Strohmeyer, who’s unforgettable stage presence and precise playing makes him one of modern rock’s guitar heroes. When it came time to build a new guitar rig, Randy was looking for a rounded-out, low voice that would respond well to a variety of amplifiers and effects. We recommended a stack of 2x12s, both loaded with Eminence Governors. The combination ended up being just what the doctor ordered, and Finch’s live show is even truer to the complex guitar tones they unleash on their studio recordings.


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