Real Friends

Real Friends hit the ground running, and their continued hard work, extensive tour schedule and warmth with their fan base should be inspirational to any pop-punk band. As their fan base grows, the band reaches out to everyone who takes the time to listen to their music. Their latest album, “Maybe This Place is the Same and We’re Just Changing”, brings a lot of elements to the table, showing that they draw influence from the early 90s Midwestern sounds of American Football and Braid as well as pop-punk titans like New Found Glory.

The band was seeking a cohesive backline that would sound consistent night in, night out. With a band like Real Friends who tour constantly and play a lot of different rooms, we like to build cabs with speaker loads that are easily adaptable. The answer was simple, three 4×12 cabinets with responsive speakers. In the guitar cabinets, we loaded Eminence Legend V128s and GB128s. For bass, we used the classic Eminence Beta 12s. Real Friends have a lush live sound which delivers the same energy and power as their live presence.


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