We are back

We are pleased to announce the new shop is up and running! We are now taking orders for the first run in the new space and we are making some much needed changes

We build speaker cabinets because it is a passion, and we love doing it.

Some of you may not know that guitar cabs is not the main thing we do here in the wood shop. Building custom kitchens and cabinetry is 90% of the work we do and because of this, it has been hard to manage orders as they come in one by one and fit them into a timely schedule. We have decided to change the way we take/ process orders so we can be more efficient and better organized . We have cleared the schedule to do a run of cabs in July. We will only be taking 10 orders for this run and orders need to be placed before June 30th. All orders will be shipped out by July 31.

Thank you!

Feel free to email us with any questions at kat@janicecabs.com